Our Purpose is to enhance communication and create mutual understanding among all peoples in the Middle East so that they can resolve the current Palestinian/Israeli conflict and attain peace.

The Association for Peace and Understanding (APUME) is not a political group and it does not have a political agenda.
APUME is not a religious group and does not have a religious agenda. However, religion is important to the spiritual life of mankind, and APUME encourages the exercise of religious tolerance and the respect of the religious beliefs of others.
APUME is dedicated to the development of mutual understanding among the peoples of the Middle East through the use of the booklet, The Way to Happiness. The Way to Happiness booklet is a non-religious guide to better living written by American author and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard. As the principles outlined in the booklet can be agreed to by all parties in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, these principles can form the basis of communication and mutual understanding and ultimately, peaceful resolution of the conflict.
APUME applauds and gladly works with any individual or group that forwards peace in the Middle East.

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