From: "Darlene K. Swanson" <>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 XX:XX:XX -0400
To: <> (CEC News)
Subject: What you can do about today's events

This is what is needed:

1) Encourage everyone to come to Flag® for their next service since this will help distimulate a very restimulated country and bring in more theta.

2) People who are willing to go to New York to give assists and whatever elseis needed. Need names and phone numbers. People will probably be leaving within 24 hours but this has to be coordinated with the Red Cross,

3) Donations are needed to cover air fares, buses, T-shirts etc. Donations should be given to Benetta Slaughter. It would be a tax deductible donation to the Gung Ho Groups. Call 446-1100 for info on how to make out checks.

4) A blood drive is being set up for tomorrow morning either outside the FH or in the Sandcastle area.

5) Need donations of Way to Happiness booklets. These can be dropped off at the FH.

6) Right now what is needed most is people to come in to the FSM area in the FH to make calls. There should be 50 phones available (being set up right now). This is very much needed since calls will be made to all the members of the different groups. If you can come at night or during the day tomorrow, please do report to Kaye.

Kaye can be reached at the FH 461-1282 ext. 36825

Email Address: in the subject line put: ATTN 6C Sec FSO

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