I'm Not a Cabbage, Says Mwanawasa

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The Post (Lusaka)

August 31, 2001
Posted to the web August 31, 2001

Sheikh Chifuwe

I am not a cabbage as some people are insinuating, said MMD presidential candidate in this year's general elections Levy Mwanawasa (in picture) yesterday.

In an exclusive interview at the Lusaka High Court where he had to attend to some cases he was handling as a lawyer, Mwanawasa said he would prove that he was physically fit for the Republican presidency when he starts his countrywide campaign.

Mwanawasa said people were free to criticise him because he was going to be their next Republican president. "It is healthy that everyone is allowed to comment on their future president including those who are saying I am a cabbage," Mwanawasa said.

"They should wait and see when I go into the field." Mwanawasa said he was in good health as opposed to sentiments that he was unfit. He said it was up to the people to prove whether or not he was a capable man for the job. Mwanawasa, who was being guarded by state security officers, said he had been following the criticisms and praises from the people.

"The encouragement I am receiving is overwhelming and underscores the fact that the expectations of the people are very high," Mwanawasa said. "Those criticising me have got their constitutional right to do so including those talking about my health."

Mwanawasa said those criticising him were free to do so but the people would judge whether he was sickly or healthy. He said what he did not like was people distorting facts.

Mwanawasa was at the High Court winding up his cases which included Zambia National Holdings versus Mount Nsuzu Development Corporation. He is jointly representing National Holdings as the plaintiffs with Lusaka lawyer and UNIP legal secretary Mwangala Zaloumis.

Asked about his association with Jehovah's Witnesses who do not allow participation in politics, Mwanawasa remained numb and just waved his hands. Mwanawasa with his wife Maureen, who was even baptised last year, are members of Jehovah's Witnesses who do not encourage their members to have political affiliations.

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